Eating Suggestions for People Who Have New Dentures

Dentists recommend that denture wearers take a few days off work and spend the time eating soft foods to allow the dentures to settle into place.

It’s important to avoid chewing gum, hard candy, or any other food that might chip or damage your dentures during this period of adjustment.

However, after a day or two, your dentures should be ready for the more substantial fare. Here are some helpful hints about how best to go back to regular eating habits:

1. Bite off small pieces one at a time and hold them in your dentures until you swallow.

2. Mastication aids like denture creams will help soften tough foods – but avoid chewing on them for too long.

3. Use denture adhesives to keep dentures in place if necessary.

4. Avoid hot and spicy food, which may burn your dentures or cause discomfort in your mouth.

5. Ensure to drink plenty of fluids while eating as it will soften food and aid in digestion.

What Denture Type Is The Best?

There are many dentures out there, but the denture you will need is a denture type usually made of acrylic. This denture will be set in place with a denture adhesive, and it will feel more secure and less like it can slip around in your mouth. The dentures will not only last longer, but they will look more natural than plastic dentures.

How Much Do Dentures Cost?

The dentures cost can vary from patient to patient depending on the denture type, denture material, denture complexity and denture fabrication method.

On average, dentures cost $1,400 to $2,000. They are a critical part of what can make someone feel like themselves again. It can also take up to an hour per day for patients who have denture teeth.

Dentures are available in both denture tooth and denture gum versions, which will each require different care and denture tooth replacement every 3-6 years.

Where Can I Buy Dentures Near Me?

Many dentists are in different cities and states but finding dentures near you is not always easy. Finding dentures and denture dentists can be difficult, but there are some things you should know before purchasing dentures online.

First, dentures are typically more expensive than denture dentists are. Second, dentures can be purchased at a dentist or an online store; however, denture dentists offer other services that may not be available at an online store.

For example, denture dentists may offer braces or oral surgery to help you get the best version of your dentures. Dentists may also help with your dental rehabilitation if they have access to the necessary equipment. Finally, it’s essential to make sure you’re ordering from a reputable company.

Are Dentures Painful To Wear All The Time?

Dentures are often made of metal or plastic and function to replace missing teeth. They can be uncomfortable at first, but denture wearers get used to them over time.

However, denture discomfort is not uncommon for the denture wearer to experience, especially in the areas where dentures fit around the gums and lips.

Although dentures should fit comfortably, many people experience denture pain because their dentures do not match up properly with their mouth or jaw.


Dentures are dentures, no matter what type they are. The key to chewing and eating with dentures is patience, practice, and time. People who have denture-related difficulties should speak with their dentist or occupational therapist about how to eat with dentures as soon as possible. If you need guidance on how you can learn to chew and swallow foods again after getting your denture made by an oral surgeon near me process, this guide is for you.