What is Teeth Bonding: An Ultimate Teeth-Saving Guide

No one likes to walk around with stained teeth or yellow teeth. And if you are living in a country where dental care is expensive and difficult to access, then the odds are that your teeth are not looking their best right now. But there is hope – Teeth bonding! But, do you know what is teeth bonding and its significance?

Teeth or dental bonding can help repair damaged teeth and improve the appearance of yellow teeth by using a resin material to cover up stains on your tooth enamel.

This article will explain what you need to know about this procedure to decide whether it is worth having done for yourself during your next dental visit.

dental bonding
teeth bonding

Why Are Teeth Bonded?

Teeth bonding is a dental procedure that can help teeth stay healthy and attractive. It also helps keep damaged teeth looking good by closing cracks on their surface not to continue getting worse. Your dentist will place small plastic pieces over the teeth’s surfaces to close gaps or remove chips from them, making your teeth look better.
The most common reasons for dental bonding include:

a) Tooth discolouration from previous dental treatments, such as crowns
b) Teeth wear damage that exposes the sensitive dentin layer beneath the enamel
c) Cracks and chips on teeth caused by grinding or accident

How Do You Make Teeth Look Better After Bonding?

Tooth bonding can help improve both the appearance of your teeth and their health. A trained professional will first examine your teeth to determine if you are a suitable candidate for this procedure. After completing a series of x-rays, which may show areas of decay underneath the tooth enamel, your dentist will decide whether an inlay, on lay or full crown is right for you.

How To Prepare for Teeth Bonding?

1) The first thing to do before dental bonding your teeth, like with all dental procedures, is to schedule an appointment.

2) You will also want to brush and floss regularly during the days leading up so that you don’t have any tooth decay or gum disease when it comes time for treatment. It can help prevent damage from those conditions in the future too!

3) If needed, take antibiotics two hours prior if there are concerns about infection risk from recent trauma or surgery such as root canal therapy.

tooth bonding tips
Care for Bonded Teeth

How To Care for Bonded Teeth?

You should take care of bonded teeth just as you would any other tooth in the mouth as follows:

1. Develop a habit of brushing at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.

2. Avoid consuming sugary drinks like sodas to minimize acid attacks on the enamel coating for up to two hours afterwards.

3. Use dental floss daily (especially between molars).

4. See your doctor if cavities develop after having them filled too soon instead of six months later. They might have been prevented through regular check-ups and diet modification.

Are There Any Risks of Teeth Bonding?

Teeth bonding is the best way to repair damaged teeth and improve yellow, stained, or discoloured teeth. Performed by your dentist, this dental procedure can help keep your teeth healthy and attractive.

The risks involved in a tooth bond usually take about three months to get back all feelings on the said tooth after bonding with resin.

It also means having some problems eating hard foods such as apples until then. However, once patients have completed their treatment, there isn’t much trouble in the future!

Common Questions About Teeth Bonding Answered by Dentist

Q1: What is teeth bonding?

A teeth bonding is when a dentist bonds composite resin to the teeth surface as an alternative to veneers. This procedure can repair chipped teeth or teeth that are spaced too far apart.

Q2: How long does teeth bonding last?

A tooth bonding typically lasts about ten to fifteen years.

Q3: Are teeth bonded teeth safe?

Yes, teeth bonded teeth are safe for you to eat and drink with.

Q4: Are dental bonding expensive?

It’s difficult to say because every mouth is different, and each dental issue has its solution. However, most dentists charge about $600-$700 for a tooth bonding procedure.


Teeth bonding is one way to repair teeth and improve their appearance of teeth. With this dental procedure, you can get teeth healthy and attractive. If you’re considering dental bonding, make sure that you brush and floss regularly or ask your dentist for any advice on preparing before this procedure.